GitHub has terminated the login from password in command line. You can switch to SSH. This tutorial will guide you how to do it.

Git switch from password to SSH

What I do is switch remote URLs from HTTPS to SSH. By doing this, the password prompt is no longer there and I can push directly.

Usually we use git clone to get the clone the remote repo to local machine. It’s one of the easiest way.

But whenever we want to git push to the repo, it’s asked for our username and personal access authentication, token. We can switch from HTTPS to SSH.

  1. List existing remotes
git remote -v
> origin (fetch)
> origin (push)
  1. Change remote’s URL from HTTPS to SSH with git remote set-url command. It’s available at repository clone button.
$ git remote set-url origin
  1. Verify by using the commands again:
$git remote -v
> origin (fetch)
> origin (push)